Computer Supported Collaboration Research

Facilitation Collabration Research Lab

Designed efficient and effective progresses for collaborative teams. In this research experience, I improved my research and writing skills

My role: UX Researcher

Skills utilized: user experience research, data analysis (SPSS), php web development and writing skills

Research Experience

  • Constructed collaborative models by reviewing 30+ papers from IS top journals
  • Identified research topics independently
  • Interviewed 100+ people after experiments
  • Analyzed 100+ transcripts and self-learned statistic analysis methods
  • Self-developed tools: (


  • “Application of a Novel Collaboration Engineering Method for Learning Design: A Case Study”, SSCI journal: British Journal of Educational Technology, 2015 ( See details ||View pdf )
  • “Can We Solve Low Participation, Distraction, and Inefficiency? A Case Study of Distributed Collaborative Learning in Industries”, 48th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (#2 in information system), 2015 ( See details ||View pdf )
  • “Collaboration Information System Adoption in Hospitality”, 18th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems, 2014( See details ||View pdf )
  • “Easy Collaboration Process Support System Design for Student Collaborative Group Work”, 47th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2014( See details ||View pdf )
  • “An Online Collaboration Process Design for the Student Organization”, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, 2012 ( See details ||View pdf )

Design brainstorming

First Sketch
Final Design

Responsive development

PHP, Apache, Windows, MySQL

See Demo
Launched App
  • Date: October 2012 - Octorber 2014