Front End Engineer

  • Leader of a five-person group charged with rebuilding order history flow with React & Redux. Responsible for planning, scoping and improving team's workflow each Agile sprint.
  • Architected flexible analytics library to help a team of business analysts track customer behavior.
  • Maintain features include customer checkout, search suggestions, and promotions. Work with the full toolkit of the front-end stack including pug (jade), Stylus and express.js (for development) and Cucumber, Mocha and WebdriverIO (for testing).
  • Collaborating with product designers, product managers, marketing analytics, and API engineers to deliver features.
  • Led a cross-function team won the top prize at Jet's internal hackathon (Jet Innovation Time). The idea has been developed into a new product line at Jet.
  • Independently developed front-end load testing suite in C# for load-testing peak holiday demand. Worked with business analysts, DevOps and other upstream teams to scale the order system to be able to handle 3x the expected business goal.
  • Experienced in front-end accessibility, cross-browser compatibility, search engine optimization (SEO), and web performance optimization.
  • Served on pager duty for the team troubleshooting real-time production issues. The system supports hundreds of thousands of monthly transactions.
  • Jet meetup presenter

My role: Front-end developer

Skills utilized: React/redux, MVC, FE operation

Guest Checkout

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Jet Meetup Presentation

Front End Testing @

Jet Innovation Hackathon 2

Cooking with Jet

Hackathon Demo from Yuanyuan Li on Vimeo.

  • Date: Jan 2017 - Present