Software Engineering Project

Class project

Developed a web application that will enable researchers to run surveys and research investigations online

My role: Front-end developer

Skills utilized: requirements analysis, rapid prototyping (Axure), front-end development (html, javascript, jade, node.js, bootstrap, mongoDB)

Software development process

Feasibility study and planning

Defined the aim of this project is to develop the video hosting and file system component for the MERID project, which is studying creativity in orchestras, and to integrate this component with the rest of the MERID system.

-Documents: Feasibility Study


Established the system's functionality, constraints, and goals by consultation with the client.

Used iterative rapid prototypes to further communicate with client. Gained the client's high appreciation for the prototype design.

Documents: Requirement Analysis

See Demo

System and Program Design


Iteratively developed and implemented each of the core features.

Documents: Final Report

Launch App

System design

System Design

Data Model

Data Model

Use Cases

Use Cases


  • Date: September 2015 - December 2015
  • Client: Graeme Bailey, Computer Science Department; Celine Brass, Technical Advisor and Liaison
  • Team members: Yuanyuan Li (Maggie), Chenxi Su, Lucas Derraugh, Laurence Rosenzweig, Darcy A. Branchini, Chen Fang, Vinita Gogate