Yumso Inc

Startup Co-founder

Developed chefs/admins/drivers’ websites with AngularJS, D3.js, Sass, Bootstrap, jQuery, etc. Our app and website have been launched and put into production. I also executed and contributed to full-stack web development projects, with an emphasis on front end features, browser manipulation, and cross-browser compatibility

My role: Full Stack Developer, UX Designer

Skills utilized: AngularJS, data visualization, UX Design, Rapid Prototypes, Remote Collaboration

About Company

Yumso is a marketplace where you can explore and order authentic gourmets made by cooking aficionados in your community. Bringing you the taste of home, Yumso improves food safety through unique supervision system. Our efficient delivery services bring freshly cooked meals to your door with small costs. Always enjoy high-quality food in the way you want, at the time you want.

You can also apply to be a cater on Yumso to share your home-style cooking with other food lovers. Value your time in your own kitchen, and make money at the mean time.

Ideas start from frames

Admin panel frame sketch
Driver workflow frame sketch

Then translated ideas to responsive web apps

  • Date: May 2016 - Present